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Media Mosaic


About Media Mosaic

Media Mosaic is a versatile web and mobile application that simplifies audio and video content management. It allows users to effortlessly download multimedia content from various social platforms and organize it into personalized folders within the app. Whether curating favorite songs or saving memorable videos, Media Mosaic empowers users to efficiently manage their media library with ease and convenience.


OurExperience& skills.


  • Next.js 14
  • Redux
  • React
  • Emotion
  • MUI
  • React Native
  • Firebase
  • Figma
  • Prototype
  • & more…

User-Centered Design

Prioritized user needs to create an inspirational content creation experience.

Agile Methodology

Enabled real-time client feedback and iterative improvements.

Collaborative Discovery

Worked with industry experts to understand content creation intricacies.


  • Complex media management
  • Difficulty downloading from multiple platforms
  • Lack of organization and personalized folders


  • User-friendly content management
  • Easy downloading from social platforms
  • Personalized folder organization
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Work Proccess


Our approach focuses on web development and UX design to create an intuitive and efficient user interface for Media Mosaic. By integrating robust backend systems, the platform will support seamless downloading and organizing of multimedia content. Customizable options and flexible features will be implemented to meet diverse user needs and enhance the overall user experience.

Work Proccess

Final Result

The successful deployment of Media Mosaic will revolutionize media content management by providing users with an easy-to-use, efficient platform. Users will benefit from streamlined downloading, personalized folder organization, and a seamless user experience. This will lead to improved productivity, enhanced media management, and increased user satisfaction.

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Web Development, UI/UX Design, AI Application
Web Development, AI Application, UI/UX Design

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